An orc decker with skin like a cheesy pizza


My mum thinks I am beautiful. Sure I am not the little boy I used to be. Kinda have pinkish skin still, though there is coarse hair covering my body (especially my man parts)like that you might see on a wild boar. I am most comfortable at home. Mum cooks all my meals and buys all my clothes and cigars. Just as long as I don’t get in too much trouble. That is ok with me, ever since the incident I don’t like going out much anyway. I got the world at my fingertips. I can find out whatever I want lounging in one of my bean bags smashing back a coke and chewing down on a Havana. Got a metal arm to scratch away any itch I have… winning at life.


SUBJECT: Vincent Green Dominos… you bunch of Haters
KNOWN ALIASES: Dominos, King of Wang, Lord of Black Fist Castle
CURRENT ADDRESS: His Mother’s House Your mothers house
WANTED FOR QUESTIONING REGARDING: Hacking protected systems, sabotage of corporate property Being awesome

Vincent Green Dominos is an Orc Decker born in Seattle to human parents. He still resides with them in their basement his fortress of solitude.

After his change he became a pizza delivery boy however he was badly injured when he inadvertently become involved in a botched run, resulting in the loss of his arm to a wizard’s force bolt. [Tell me this fucker’s name and maybe I will leave you alone]

Vincent Dominos has a strong Net presence being the member of a number of Guilds. His main goals seem to involve hacking for the sake of being an annoyance legend and acquiring Nuyen for broadening his technology base massive fuck off deck and man cave.

Though he is wanted for questioning he is not considered dangerous and is therefore a low priority God amongst Idiots.


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